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Prebuilt apartment-container-house is a new concept of the environmental economy activity houses, using a kind of light steel as skeleton, sandwich board as shielding materials.

The container realizes general standardization of the (temporary) building , setting up a fast and efficient concept of environmental protection and energy saving.

This containerhouse is designed to be used as apartment container for students (as for example..) or for dormotory.

This container is stackable and can be transported like an regular shipping container.

 But our types of apartment containers are not based as usual on shipping containers. They are more like a prefab house - but based on container frame and container size to be stackable and easy to transport.

Due to this special construction principle this container is very stabil.. Also it is ideal to use as well in colder regions because the thickness of the walls can be up to 120mm. That means the isolation of the walls by rockwool can be as well also up to 120mm thick and keep the room pretty warm in winter. Regularly the walls got 88mm.

The exterior wall cladding of the standart version is made by WPC. But can be made according to customers demand in any other materials & designs. Also if there are windows or doors required on the wall..

The containerhouses are self contained with bathroom, kitchenette, living- & sleeping area when using as apartment for 1 single person. But when using by 2 separate peoples iI can come as well devided into 2 appartments with an kitchen- & bathroomcabin (see page 4) in the middle.


The appartment-container-houses are completely equippend and only needs to be connected to the plumping and electricety from outside. After connecting it is ready to live in. The container can be delivered with open veranda or with glass front or glass porch - and with CE certification.


Here you can see the construction principle of our apartment container. It is made in the herringbone pattern principle.

Above you can see our standart wall cladding - but any other kind & colour of wall panelling is possible as well.

our apartment container can be stacked inside of such frame for up to 4 floors.

PRICES - includes shipping cost to any worldport
  the versions of the 40ft. container   sample/single  2 - 5 container   6  - 12 container  13 container up
Standart exterior, basic furnishing    27.300 USD   25.900 USD      24.800 USD      23.200 USD
Premium exterior, basic furnishing    34,600 USD   32.990 USD      31.700 USD       27.800 USD
Standart exterior, premium furnishing    39.800 USD    36.400 USD      34.900 USD      29.700 USD
Premium exterior, premium furnishing    49.900 USD    45.500 USD      41.800 USD      39.500 USD


 Examples of the premium exterior design apartment-container-house versions

about regular shipping container design..

Whoever is interested in regular shipping container design instead of our special construction of an apartment container please ask for specific offer prices.

Also tell us your interiour layout so that we can calculate an serious offer.

Of course, at the end such design would be a cheaper as our standart apartment. container-house design.


the very special version of our apartment container..

As this container is an very versatile type, it can be also used as for example as an office container, weekend home or even as an floating holiday resort or an floating office. On demand we can supply the container completely with pontoons as well.








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