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Here on this site you can see example pictures of the interior. Generally we offer these 2 types of furnishing. But of course we can supply any other type what we as for example show in this little video and the other pictures - or according to customers special demand.

The designs below you see examples of our basic furnituring and flooring layouts. It got everything one needs to live in like kitchenette, bathroom with shower & toilet and basic furnishing.

The premium interior includes an very compact but completely equipped luxury kitchenette with fridge & deepfreezer, microwave, hotwater flow, sink, kitchen cupboard etc. The bathroom is an luxuybathroom with tiles, modern shower cabin (alternative as well an Sauna-shower combination), bathroom cabinet, mirror (see example pictures on page 4) etc, the door/window are double glass, it got an build in wardrobe & dresser with drawers, led lights on ceiling, sockets etc.

On request it can be installed an electric floor heating system, solar panels, solar water heater etc. If interested, ask for more details & prices..

On these 3 pictures below we show the standart premium interior designs. If are other colours or designs wanted, please ask if possible and for extra cost.

This interior here below is an example photo of another version of an premium interior design, It is laid out in a vertical manner, with most furnishing being stacked to one side of the wall for maximum space efficiency. When not in use, most of the furniture such as the bed can be folded up to the wall which reduces enormous the floor space.

Here on this little video we show example pictures of the available furnishings & configurations of the container. Designs like as for example this super modern interior below or any other designs like to see on the video or whatever according to customers demand is possible of course.

If interested in such an "high-end" modern premium interior as we show on left side, please ask for more informations and extra cost.




                      EXCLUSIVE CLASSICAL DESIGNER FURNITURES                                               can be supplied as furnishing in the premium appartment container. More informations & prices on demand.


Available in different colours and materials


These furnitures can be supplied in all of our appartment containers. More informations on demand











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